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Integration with Hawksearch 


This is an on-demand integration and will need customization to your specific needs. Please contact our support team for more information on available integration options, or check out our extensions store for a range of other integrations we offer.

Oro offers integration with Hawksearch, a search and navigation platform designed for e-commerce websites. It provides advanced search and filtering capabilities to improve the user experience and help customers find products more easily.

The integration with Hawksearch can help you to:

  • Incorporate Filters and Facets for Better Search Engagement:

    Hawksearch can be integrated into your OroCommerce platform to enable the use of filters and facets for enhanced search engagement. This allows users to narrow down their product search results based on various attributes and criteria.

  • Index Your Store and Deliver a Results Page Sorted by Product Categories:

    When you integrate Hawksearch with OroCommerce, Hawksearch typically indexes your e-commerce store’s product catalog. This indexing ensures that the search results are up-to-date and accurate. You can configure Hawksearch to deliver search results sorted by product categories, making it easier for customers to find products within their desired categories.

  • Modify Specific Search Terms to Ensure Relevant Product Results:

    Hawksearch provides the ability to customize and fine-tune the search algorithm. This means you can modify specific search terms to ensure that the most relevant product results are displayed. For example, you can set up synonyms, related terms, or adjustments for specific search queries to improve the accuracy and relevance of the results.

  • Sync Simple Product Collection Content Variants Data:

    The Hawksearch integration with Oro allows you to sync product collection data. By following a few steps and creating content nodes, you can generate landing pages in Hawksearch with product listings filtered based on conditions you set in the Oro application. These pages will mirror the Content Node’s title, URL slug, and product listings filtered based on the Advanced Filter conditions specified in Oro. When users access the Content Node in the Oro application, the corresponding landing page in Hawksearch will display the relevant products based on the filter conditions.