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Manage Search History in the Back-Office 

Search History enables users to view a history of all searches performed in the storefront if this option is enabled in the system configuration on any level. In particular, you can view a grid of all search terms, including the search term entered by the user, the type of search result (product autocomplete, product search, or empty), the number of products found (if applicable), the date and time of the search, the website where the search was performed, the localization used when the search was performed, and the name of the customer and customer user who performed the search (if applicable).

You can also view a Search Terms report that displays the number of times a particular search term was used, the number of times that search term returned products, and the number of times it returned an empty result.

To view the search history, navigate to Marketing > Search > Search History in the main menu.

Search history grid in the back-office

Here, you have the options to preview or delete search history items. Previewing items redirects you to a page in the storefront with a collection of products that match the search criteria.

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