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Available in OroCommerce

Translate Labels, Options, and Messages


This section is part of the Localization and Translation concept guide that provides a general understanding of the localization and translation processes in OroCommerce.

To translate any UI system element, label, or a popup message, you need to update its translation from within the Translations grid under the System > Localization > Translations main menu.

Use the following filters to narrow down the search and locate the element’s key.

  • Languages — The language in which the label was created.

  • Translated Value — [Label Name] or its part.

  • English Translation – Not available. Please note that when a system element is created under a non-English localization, the English translation is absent.

  • Key — All keys for system elements, labels, or messages end with a label. For example,

  • Domain — messages

    Filtered system labels

Once you locate the key, you can use it to translate the label into any selected language using the following filters:

  • Languages — All (or selected)

  • Key — [Your Key] e.g., oro.task.updated_at.label

    Translating the filtered label