Manage Cross-Sell Products

Once the core product information is saved, you may configure cross-sell products to show in the Related Items section in the product details in the back-office, and in the Cross-Sell Products section next to the product details in the storefront.

Use cross-sell products to bind similar products or those that compliment each other, like the item and its accessories.

To add cross-sell products to the product information:

  1. Navigate to the Products > Products using the main menu.

  2. Hover over the More Options menu to the right of the item and click the View icon to preview its details.

  3. Navigate to the Related Items section and click the Quick Edit link in the section header.

    The Related Items page appears.

  4. Click Select Cross-Sell Products.

  5. In the Select Cross-Sell Products For dialog:

    1. Select the Is Related check boxes next to the products to mark them as related. Use filter to limit the number of listed products and find the necessary items.
    2. Click Select Products.

    This will close the dialog and update the related items list with the products you have selected.


    To delete a related item, click Delete next to it.

  6. Once you are done adding the related items, click Save and Close.


Configure cross-sell products globally, per website and organization.

Enable Cross-Sell Products Globally

Enable Cross-Sell Products per Organization

Enable Cross-Sell Products per Website