Integration with Microsoft Power BI Dashboard 


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Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics tool that enables users to visualize and analyze data, share insights across an organization, or embed them in an app or website. Oro offers integration with Microsoft Power BI to enable you to compile reports from different sources in one place in Oro. Using Microsoft Power BI with the Oro application improves analytical capabilities for real-time KPI monitoring, allowing users to make data-driven decisions more quickly.

Integration Benefits 

The integration comes as an extension that allows embedding Microsoft Power BI reports into your OroCommerce dashboard in the back-office, allowing tracking of crucial data without switching between programs.

An example of a Microsoft Power BI report displayed in OroCommerce

Microsoft Power BI reports within the OroCommerce dashboard can be used by a wide range of users within an organization. Executives, managers, and other stakeholders can benefit from various reports to gain real-time insights into key performance indicators, allowing for informed decision-making. Users can access and interact with the Power BI reports directly within the OroCommerce platform, providing a seamless experience for analyzing and visualizing data related to sales, inventory, customer behavior, and other critical business metrics.

Data Security 

When integrating Oro with Microsoft Power BI, data is retrieved directly from Microsoft using an embedded link. Oro does not store any data and solely displays the information extracted from the Microsoft side.