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OroGridFsConfigBundle provides configuration enhancements for Oro applications to enable usage of GridFS as the filesystem.

The bundle enables developers to set MongoDB GridFS parameters in the application configuration YAML files which automatically enables and configures GridFS filesystem as storage for Gaufrette storages.

Install OroGridFsConfigBundle

To install OroGridFsConfigBundle:

  1. Install mongodb in any preferred way.

  2. Require the package via composer.

    composer require oro/gridfs-config

GridFS Gaufrette Adapter Configuration

The bundle supports two ways to configure gaufrette adapers:

  1. The usual way that requires the configuration of KnpGaufretteBundle.

  2. A simplified way where you can reconfigure the already configured adapter to GridFS with the parameters.yml file.

Adapters Configuration With KnpGaufretteBundle

To use the Oro GridFS gaufrette adapter, use the oro_gridfs adapter type. To configure a new or reconfigure the existing adapter, add the configuration in the app.yml file of a bundle or in the common config.yml file that will add configuration to the KnpGaufretteBundle configuration:

        attachments: #the adapter name
                mongodb_gridfs_dsn: 'mongodb://'

As you can see from the example, the configuration of oro_gridfs adapter has the mongodb_gridfs_dsn parameter with the configuration of Mongo db dsn string. The format of this string the following: [protocol]://[username]:[password]@[host]:[port]/[database], where:

  • protocol is mongodb

  • username username that has an access to the MongoDB database

  • password is the user’s password

  • host is the hostname or IP address of the MongoDB server

  • database is the MongoDB database name should be used as GridGS storage

Adapters Configuration With Parameters.yml

To simplify the configuration of the already existing Gaugrette adapters, the parameters.yml file can be used.

To reconfigure an adapter, add the parameter with the name mongodb_gridfs_dsn_[adapter_name], where adapter_name is the name of an existing adapter and the Mongo db dsn string is the value of the parameter:

The following example shows the reconfiguration of the attachment adapter:

mongodb_gridfs_dsn_attachment: 'mongodb://user:password@host:27017/attachment'

To get the list of configured Gaufrette adapters, use the debug:config command:

bin/console debug:config knp_gaufrette adapters

Configuration For Cluster Mongodb Gridfs Setup

If you have installed MongoDB cluster, it can be used as the GridFS frorage as well.

In this case, the dsn configuratoin string has the following format: [protocol]://[user]:[password]@[host1]:[port],[host2]:[port]/[database]


mongodb_gridfs_dsn_attachment: 'mongodb://user:password@host1:27017,host2:27017/attachment'