You are browsing documentation for version 5.0 of OroCommerce, supported until January 2025. Read the documentation for version 6.0 (the latest LTS version) to get up-to-date information.

See our Release Process documentation for more information on the currently supported and upcoming releases.

Developer Documentation 

Developer Documentation is intended for developers and contains information about OroPlatform architecture, guidance on customization and extension of the existing features in Oro applications. Browse the how-to articles to learn about configuration and setup necessary for development or future use of the application.

Backend Developer Guide

Backend Developer Guide aggregates the core concepts for configuring, deploying, and maintaining your Oro application including API references, bundles, code samples, and best practices.

Frontend Developer Guide

Frontend Developer Guide provides themes to prototype your application's storefront and back-office design.

Bundles Documentation

This section extends the rest of the Developer Guide, providing insight into core bundles implementation architecture and infrequently customizable features, which is particularly useful for non-standard customizations for backend and frontend developers as many features are interconnected.

Components Documentation

This section offers documentation on Oro Config Component which provides additional resource types to the Symfony Config Component infrastructure responsible for loading configurations from different data sources and optionally monitoring these data sources for changes.

Web Services API Guide

Web Services API Guide enables developers to integrate Oro functionality into third-party software systems.

Community Guide

Community Guide instructs on how to contribute to the Oro application development, documentation, and translations. It also explains the philosophy of Oro releases and helps users join Oro community and support teams.