You are browsing documentation for version 5.0 of OroCommerce, supported until January 2025. Read the documentation for version 6.0 (the latest LTS version) to get up-to-date information.

See our Release Process documentation for more information on the currently supported and upcoming releases.


What is the difference between the Deploy and Upgrade commands? 

The ‘deploy’ command executes oro:install while the ‘upgrade’ command executes oro:platform:update. The oro:install command populates the database with the minimal necessary data for application operation. The oro:platform:update prepares the existing data for the upgrade by running the necessary data migrations. The update also ensures that the data is preserved and compatible with the updated version of the application.


See the oro:install command description for more information.

How can I remove existing data and install the application from scratch in the staging environment? 

Reinstalling application is by default prohibited. If you need to do this, please ask support for assistance on how to proceed. This operation cleans up the database and installs the application from scratch.

Can I test the customized application in a development mode in OroCloud? 

No, access to the index_dev.php file in OroCloud is prohibited for security reasons.

What is in application backup? 

A full backup consists of the application media files, database dump, and the application source code backup.

How do I know what OroCloud operation does? 

You can run any OroCloud command in verbose mode via the -vvv option. With this option, OroCloud commands will echo the commands being executed into the console output.

How сan I find supported options for each command? 

You can run any OroCloud command with the help option (–help or -h) to see the command options documentation.

Can I download an application database dump to troubleshoot issues in the local environment? 

For security reasons, you cannot download backups with the sensitive data from OroCloud. However, you can create a sanitized backup, configure it as necessary, and use it for your needs.