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Quick Start 

The guide contains instructions and tricks on how to quickly create a design of OroCommerce Storefront theme using the Storefront Style Guide and Sketch editor.

A storefront style guide banner
Click the button below to download the latest OroCommerce Storefront Style Guide:

Download Storefront Style Guide


To start using the OroCommerce Storefront Style Guide, you need to download and install:

  • Sketch app - A graphical editor that enables you to design user interfaces and prototypes. The user guide helps learn general principles of usage and quickly understand the process of creating the Storefront theme design using the Style Guide.

  • Lato - A font that is applied in the Storefront theme.

  • FontAwesome 4.7 - A font for icons rendering in the Storefront theme.


Sketch is developed for the MAC OS users. Please read the requirements before the installation. You can also open the Storefront Style Guide with Figma or Adobe XD. For that, read Import files from Sketch into Figma or Supported features when you open Sketch files in Adobe XD.

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