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A datagrid object only takes care of converting datasource to the result set. All other operations are performed by extensions (e.g., pagination, filtering, etc.).

Here is a list of already implemented extensions:

  • Formatter - responsible for backend field formatting(e.g., generating URL using router, translation using Symfony translator, etc.). This extension also takes care of passing column configuration to the view layer.

  • Pager - responsible for pagination

  • Sorter - responsible for sorting

  • Action - provides actions configurations for grid

  • Mass Action - provides mass actions configurations for grid

  • Toolbar - provides toolbar configuration for view

  • Grid Views - provides configuration for grid views toolbar

  • Export - responsible for export grid data

  • Field ACL - allow to protect entity fields with ACL

  • Board - responsible for adding Kanban board views for datagrids

  • Filter - responsible for adding filtering and filter widgets to grid


To implement your extension:

  • Develop a class that implements ExtensionVisitorInterface (there is also a basic implementation in AbstractExtension class)

  • Register you extension as service with tag { name: oro_datagrid.extension }