You are browsing documentation for version 5.1 of OroCommerce, supported until March 2026. Read the documentation for version 6.0 (the latest LTS version) to get up-to-date information.

See our Release Process documentation for more information on the currently supported and upcoming releases.

Community Guide 

This guide provides information about best practices and conventions for contributing to the Oro application source code, user interface translations, and documentation. It also describes the ways to contact the Oro community and support team, and offers an insight into the Oro application release process.

Contact Community 

Join Oro community and contribute to the open-source OroCommerce Community Edition.

  • Stack Overflow

    Direct the issues you encounter when configuring, extending or customizing Oro applications to Stack Overflow. Use the following issue tags: [orocommerce], [orocrm], [oroplatform].

  • Git Hub

    Fork Oro repositories and contribute to the source code on GitHub. To report issues with your applications or documentation, use Github Issue Tracker for OroCommerce, OroCRM, OroPlatform.

  • Slack

    Join our community team chat channel on Slack to ask questions and get advice from fellow community members.

  • Facebook

    Follow our Facebook pages for OroInc, OroCommerce and OroCRM to stay informed of the announcements, latest news, publications and upcoming events.

  • Twitter

    Follow Oro team on Twitter for information on upcoming features and events.

  • Linkedin

    Follow OroInc on Linkedin for trending ecommerce posts, news from and about Oro, and links to our webinars.

Contribute to the Source Code, Translations, and Documentation 

We would love you to contribute to our source code and documentation, and help us to translate Oro products into multiple languages. The following guidelines and recommendations enable the community to synchronize actions and provide a blueprint for seamless and non-intrusive collaboration.

  • Use Version Control

    Version control is a way to track all the changes made to the product. This topic tells you about the code version system used and describes the way to communicate enough context for every committed code change to fellow developers.

  • Follow Code Style

    Code style is a set of conventions about how to write the source code. The following code styles are used in all Oro projects.

  • Set Up a Development Environment

    This article describes best practices in setting up a development environment. It up to you whether to follow the listed recommendation, however take a note that they can greatly facilitate the development process.

  • Contribute to Translations

    Oro applications support localization and internationalization for multiple languages and locales. In this topic you will find general instructions on how to join the Oro translation team and submit you translations.

  • Contribute to Documentation

    The documentation is an important part of the product that greatly improve the user experience regarding how to configure and use the product. The information in this topic help you understand the documentation structure, useful rst directives, and a simple workflow that helps quickly publish a new topic.

Please read and sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) before suggesting changes to the source code or documentation.

Report Issues 

If you encounter any issues with your Oro application or spot inaccuracies in our documentation, please inform us about them.

We recognize how important it is to help protect your privacy and security. Please refer to this topic to learn how to communicate security issues to us.

Learn about Release Versions and Dates 

Please refer to the Understand Release Process topic to learn more about Oro versioning strategy, release and support cycle, and upgrade recommendations.

Our Backward Compatibility Promise 

Please refer to the Our Backward Compatibility Promise topic to learn more about Oro Backward Compatibility Promise.

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