Frontend Access

Close Website for Non-Authenticated Visitors

In order to prevent non-registered customers from accessing the storefront, you can disable website access for these users.

To change access, navigate to Configuration > Commerce > Guests > Website Access and set the Enable Guest Access option.

When access is disabled, all non-authenticated visitors are redirected to the login page. Oro\Bundle\FrontendBundle\EventListener\GuestAccessRequestListener creates a redirect response; to get a better understanding of how it makes works, take a look at the description inside the class.

A few system URLs are still available, even if access for non-authenticated visitors is restricted. A list of patterns of those URLs can be found in Oro\Bundle\FrontendBundle\GuestAccess\Provider\GuestAccessAllowedUrlsProvider.

To add a pattern to the list of allowed URL patterns, call addAllowedUrlPattern of the oro_frontend.guest_access.provider.guest_access_urls_provider service or create your own provider which should implement Oro\Bundle\FrontendBundle\GuestAccess\Provider\GuestAccessAllowedUrlsProviderInterface, and register it in the DI container with the tag oro_frontend.guest_access_urls_provider.

     class: Acme\Bundle\MyFrontendBundle\GuestAccess\Provider\MyGuestAccessAllowedUrlsProvider
     tags: ['oro_frontend.guest_access_urls_provider']

Frontend Datagrids

The frontend option in the datagrid configuration controls the display of the management console datagrids in the storefront. By default, it is suggested that all datagrids are intended to be used in the management console. To allow a datagrid to be visible in the storefront, the frontend option should be set to true.

         frontend: true