Bundles Documentation

Bundles in Oro applications are a collection of files with the source code, configurations and additional assets organized in a conventional structure and providing ready-to-use functionality. Each Oro application comes with many prebuilt bundles organized in composer packages.

This section extends the rest of the Developer Guide, providing insight into core bundles implementation architecture and infrequently customizable features, which is particularly useful for non-standard customizations for backend and frontend developers as many features are interconnected.

OroCommerce Bundles

All documentation that relates to OroCommerce-specific bundles is collected below.

CatalogBundle OrderBundle WebCatalogBundle
CheckoutBundle P WebsiteElasticSearchBundle
CMSBundle PricingBundle WebsiteSearchBundle
ConsentBundle ProductBundle  
CustomerBundle S  
F SEOBundle  
FrontendBundle T  
I TaxBundle