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SearchApiAccessorApiAccessor. Provides access to the search API for autocomplete. This class is by design to be initiated from the server configuration.

Extends: ApiAccessor

Param Type Description
options Object Options container Also check the options for ApiAccessor
options.search_handler_name string Name of the search handler to use
options.label_field_name string Name of the property that will be used as a label
options.value_field_name string Optional. Name of the property that will be used as an identifier. By default = ‘id’


Kind: instance method of SearchApiAccessor

searchApiAccessor.formatResult(response) ⇒ Object

Formats response before it is sent out from this api accessor. Converts it to form

     results: [{id: '<value>', label: '<label>'}, ...],
     more: '<more>'

Kind: instance method of SearchApiAccessor

Param Type
response Object