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Scroll Data Customization

To customize data rendered with macros scrollData(…) from macros.html.twig developer can use special event triggered in the very beginning of marcos processing. Event name has format oro_ui.scroll_data.before.<dataTarget> where <dataTarget> is a string identifier passed to macros as a first argument. This way developer can modify data that will be rendered on any page where scrollData macros is used.

Event object used in this case is Oro\Bundle\UIBundle\Event\BeforeListRenderEvent - it provides \Twig\Environment object, data wrapped into Oro\Bundle\UIBundle\View\ScrollData object and optional FormView instance. Data can be completely replaced.

Scroll Data

Scroll data object provides several useful methods to add information to scroll data:

  • addBlock($title, $priority, $class, $useSubBlockDivider) adds a new block at the end of the list, block title is required

  • addSubBlock($blockId, $title) adds a new sub-block to a block with a specified identifier (an array key)

  • addSubBlockData($blockId, $subBlockID, $html) adds HTML code to the existing sub-block inside the specified block

Customization Example

Lets look at an example of scroll data customization. Here is definition of listener used to customize scroll data:

1 user_update_scroll_data_listener:
2     class: ...
3     tags:
4         - { name: kernel.event_listener, event: oro_ui.scroll_data.before.user-profile, method: onUserUpdate }

This definition shows service used as an event listener for event oro_ui.scroll_data.before.user-profile with handler method onUserUpdate. This listener will be executed before rendering of user update page (it has identifier user-profile). Here is how such listener can look like:

 1 use Oro\Bundle\UIBundle\Event\BeforeListRenderEvent;
 3 class UpdateUserListener
 4 {
 5     /**
 6      * @param BeforeListRenderEvent $event
 7      */
 8     public function onUserUpdate(BeforeListRenderEvent $event)
 9     {
10         $template = $event->getEnvironment()->render(
11             'MyBundle:User:my_update.html.twig',
12             ['form' => $event->getFormView()]
13         );
14         $event->getScrollData()->addSubBlockData(0, 0, $template);
15     }
16 }

And the corresponding template MyBundle:User:my_update.html.twig:

{{ form_row(form.myField) }}

csvThis example demonstrates addition of an additional field to the User update page - the template is rendered via the environment object and added to the scroll data.