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Recipients Autocompletion

Add Additional Recipients in Autocompletion

  • create provider implementing Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\Provider\EmailRecipientsProviderInterface

    • it has 2 methods

      • getSection

        • returns translation key of section in select where recipients from the provider will be placed

      • getRecipients

        • return associative array where key is email address and value is email address with name

        • its argument EmailRecipientsProviderArgs contains

          • relatedEntity - object from which email is being send

          • limit - maximum number of emails which should be returned from the provider

          • query - string writte by user when typing email address/name

          • excludedEmails - emails returned by previously executed providers

  • tag provider with the oro_email.recipients_provider tag

Useful Classes

  • Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\Provider\RelatedEmailsProvider extracts emails from the given object and its relations

  • EmailRecipientsHelper helps to filter given emails