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UID (Unique Calendar Identifier)

UID is a unique identifier within the calendar. It easily identifies the same events within different systems and applications (e.g., OroPlatform and Microsoft 365). More information is available in the official iCalendar documentation on specifications and update.


While using the UID in OroPlatform, please keep in mind the following requirements and guidelines:

  1. UID is unique within the calendar for the parent event.

  2. A new CalendarEvent with the $parent defined should have the same UID as its parent.

  3. A new CalendarEvent with the $recurringEvent set should have the same UID as its recurring event.

  4. Do not change the UID of the event if the event UID was already generated.

  5. While setting the UID for the first time for an existing event (when a UID is null initially), ensure that all parent, children, and recurring events obtain the same UID.