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Current Localization

Receive Current Localization

To receive the current localization, use Oro\Bundle\LocaleBundle\Helper\LocalizationHelper::getCurrentLocalization() or oro_locale.helper.localization->getCurrentLocalization().

Provide Current Localization

To provide the current localization, create a custom extension, implement Oro\Bundle\LocaleBundle\Extension\CurrentLocalizationExtensionInterface, and register it by tag oro_locale.extension.current_localization.

        class: Acme\Bundle\DemoBundle\Extension\CurrentLocalizationExtension
            - { name: oro_locale.extension.current_localization }
namespace Acme\Bundle\DemoBundle\Extension;

use Oro\Bundle\LocaleBundle\Entity\Localization;
use Oro\Bundle\LocaleBundle\Extension\CurrentLocalizationExtensionInterface;

class CurrentLocalizationExtension implements CurrentLocalizationExtensionInterface
     * @return Localization|null
    public function getCurrentLocalization()
        // your custom logic to receive current localization