OroCommerce (Version 1.6) 

As of June 2019, we no longer maintain the documentation for the previously released version of OroCommerce (v.1.6). You can still access OroCommerce Online Courses, Media Library, and developer documentation for version 1.6 from our older documentation source. User documentation for v.1.6 is available on the current documentation website under 1.6 in the version dropdown control.

Please, review our Release Process page for the information on the schedule of the currently maintained, supported, and upcoming releases.

As bug fixes are no longer provided for OroCommerce 1.6, we highly recommend upgrading to the latest maintained version. To update your application, refer to the Upgrade Recommendations and Upgrade Instructions pages for more information.

Please be aware that we no longer accept issue reports for OroCommerce 1.6, with exception for security issues.

If you have encountered a documentation issue in OroCommerce 1.6, check documentation for the latest version, as your issue may have already been fixed. To report an issue in the current documentation, file a suggestion for improvement, or share your feedback, please, follow contribution instructions in the Community Guide.