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Please be aware that the Integrations section of documentation is in progress of writing and the information currently provided here may be incomplete or subject to change.

Welcome to the Integrations documentation, comprehensive and detailed information on the diverse range of integration options offered by Oro. Whether you are interested in ready-made connections using the Oro’s out-of-the-box integrations or want to create custom integrations just for your business, this section is your go-to resource.

Oro offers a comprehensive integration framework that encompasses two distinct types: pre-built integrations and custom integrations.

Pre-built integrations provide a turnkey solution to seamlessly connect with services within the commerce ecosystem, providing out-of-the-box connectivity to popular platforms, such as payment gateways, shipping providers, CRM systems, and more. These integrations come pre-configured, enabling quick and effortless setup, without the complexities of custom development.

On the other hand, Oro also empowers users to create custom integrations tailored to their specific needs. Custom integrations can be built to integrate with any required system, allowing businesses to connect Oro with their unique set of applications, databases, or external services, ensuring a highly adaptable and scalable integration environment.

Whether leveraging pre-built integrations or crafting custom ones, Oro offers a flexible approach to meet diverse integration requirements.