You are browsing the documentation for version 4.2 of OroCommerce, OroCRM and OroPlatform, which is no longer maintained. Read version 5.1 (the latest LTS version) of the Oro documentation to get up-to-date information.

See our Release Process documentation for more information on the currently supported and upcoming releases.


The OroCommerce Storefront theme contains its own color palette connected to the interface elements:

  • Primary and Secondary colors are defined to represent your brand.

  • Additional colors complement the interface with shades.

  • UI colors refer to the system elements, like messages, validations, etc.

Colors are saved in Sketch as styles with the name of storefront color variables.

Logo Replacement

Often, the company logo contains the primary corporate colors of the brand. For the convenience of using the color palette, replace the OroCommerce logo with yours:

  • On the Elements & Controls page, in the Color Settings artboard, select the logo by clicking on it

  • Press Enter to open its symbol.

  • Replace the logo with the one you need and return to the artboard

Once the logo is replaced on all pages, use the eyedropper tool (Control + C) to change the colors of the palette based on your logo requirements.

Change Palette Colors

On the Elements & Controls page, in the Color Settings artboard:

  • Select the layer of the desired color

  • In the Fills section, change the fill color to the desired one

  • In the Appearance section, click Update

Once the color is applied to the existing style, all elements using this style are changed automatically, i.e., they will change their color. To view the result, open the pages in the Pages section.


We do not recommend renaming the styles of the color palette as they are consistent with the color palette of the OroCommerce Storefront theme. Use this structure to create your own unique design.

A set of colors that defines your corporate identity