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Totals Extension

This extension provides the totals aggregation, which are displayed in grid’s footer (tfoot).


The totals setting should be placed under the totals tree node.

 1 datagrids:
 2   demo:
 3     source:
 4        [...]
 5     totals:
 6       page_total:
 7           extends: grand_total
 8           per_page: true
 9           hide_if_one_page: true
10           columns:
11             name:
12                 label: 'page total'
13       grand_total:
14           columns:
15             name:
16                 label: 'grand total'
17             contactName:
18                 expr: 'COUNT('
19                 formatter: integer
20             closeDate:
21                 label: 'Oldest'
22                 expr: 'MIN(o.closeDate)'
23                 formatter: date
24             probability:
25                 label: 'Summary'
26                 expr: 'SUM(o.probability)'
27                 formatter: percent
28             budget:
29                 label: 'Budget Amount'
30                 expr: 'SUM(o.budget)'
31                 formatter: currency
32                 divisor: 100
33             statusLabel:
34                 label: oro.sales.opportunity.status.label


  • Column name should be equal to the name of the corresponding column.

  • label can be a text or a translation placeholder (not required)

  • expr data aggregation SQL expression (not required)

  • formatter backend formatter that processes the column value

  • available values: date, datetime, decimal, integer, percent

  • if you add “label” and “query” config but the query aggregation returns nothing -> the total’s cell will be empty

  • generally they are be shown as “<label>: <query result>

  • the total config can be taken from another total row with the extends parameter.

  • per_page parameter switches data calculation only for the current page data

  • if hide_if_one_page is true, then this total row is hidden on full data set.

  • divisor if you need to divide the value by a number before rendering it to the user (not required)