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The ImportExport bundle uses Gaufrette for the file storage. The Gaufrette configuration is stored in Resources/config/oro/app.yml.

Gaufrette Configuration for a Local Filesystem

This configuration allows to use local filesystem for the importing and exporting. It is applicable if all the consumers run on the same server.


1 knp_gaufrette:
2     adapters:
3         importexport:
4             local:
5                 directory: '%kernel.project_dir%/var/import_export'
6     filesystems:
7         importexport:
8             adapter:    importexport
9             alias:      importexport_filesystem

The importing, exporting, and temporary files are stored in the cache directory of the project.

Gaufrette Configuration for Amazon S3 Storage

This configuration allows to use Amazon S3 cloud service for the importing and exporting. It is applicable if consumers run on different servers.


 1 services:
 2     aws_s3.client:
 3         class: AmazonS3
 4         arguments:
 5             -
 6                 key: {your amazon s3 key}
 7                 secret: {your amazon s3 secret}
 9 knp_gaufrette:
10     adapters:
11         importexport:
12             amazon_s3:
13                 amazon_s3_id: aws_s3.client
14                 bucket_name: {your bucket name}
15                 options:
16                     directory: 'import_export'
17                     create: true
18                     region: {your amazon s3 bucket region}