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OroCommerce Integration with CyberSource

OroCyberSourceBundle adds the CyberSource integration to OroCommerce applications.

The bundle allows admin users to enable and configure the CyberSource payment method for customer orders, which allows customers to pay for orders with credit and debit cards using CyberSource Payment Gateway.


Add oro/commerce-cybersource package to your installation:

composer require "oro/commerce-cybersource"

In case the package is added to an already installed application, then platform update is required.


For the detailed instructions on the integration configuration, see the user guide.


Integration Methods:

  • Hosted checkout - When a customer in the storefront creates an order, they are redirected to a CyberSource payment form page to provide card authorization details. Any payment type supported by CyberSource is allowed.

  • Checkout API - Payment is processed via an REST API call. Only debit and credit cards are allowed.

Hosted Checkout Method Lifecycle

  1. After a customer clicks Submit Order in the storefront, the paymentTransaction is processed in Flex Microform and JS component OrderReviewComponent redirects customer to the CyberSource side.

  2. CyberSourceCheckoutListener processes the success or error response from the CyberSource side.

Checkout API Method Lifecycle

  1. When a customer inputs credit card data, CreditCardComponent generates token value using Flex Microform and saves it in the payment transaction as additionalData value.

  2. After a click on the Submit Order button, the paymentTransaction is processed in Flex Microform. It uses token from the previous step for processing payment transaction.

Payment Transaction Actions

The CyberSource payment method supports Capture and Cancel actions. Both of them can be performed for payment transactions of the Authorize type and - only in case there no successful transactions - of the Capture or Cancel type.

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