How to Change the Color Scheme of the Storefront


We assume that you are making all customizations in your custom AcmeDemoBundle (placed in the src/Acme/Bundle/DemoBundle folder).


You have to put this code into your own styles.scss file as described in the CSS Files Structure article.

To change the color scheme:

  1. Create your own list of colors and merge it with $color-palette using the map_merge($map1, $map2) SASS function.

    This way, your color scheme will rewrite or extend the already existing $color-palette.

    $theme-color-palette: (
        'primary': (
            'main': #37435c,
        'secondary': (
            'main': #fcb91d,
        'additional': (
            'ultra': #fff
    ) !default;
    $color-palette: map_merge($color-palette, $theme-color-palette);
  2. To get the color you need, use the get-color($palette, $key); function.

    .input {
        color: get-color('secondary', 'main');
  3. Run the following console commands to publish the changes:

    php bin/console cache:clear
    php bin/console assets:install --symlink
    php bin/console oro:assets:build