How to Override, Remove, Disable Files 

Override or Disable Files 

To remove or override scss/css, create an assets.yml and write the following config in Resources/views/layouts/{theme_name}/ for layout theme, or in Resources/config/oro/ for back-office.

        - 'bundles/oroform/default/scss/styles.scss': ~ // file will be removed from build process
        - 'bundles/oroform/default/scss/styles.scss': 'bundles/oroform/your_theme/scss/styles.scss' // file will be overridden

Remove Unnecessary Oro Files 

Remove all scss/css: all the themes use styles registered in this theme and from parent themes. You cannot change this behavior without changes in assets build logic. To remove all assets, override oro_layout.assetic.layout_resource service in your bundle and customize assets collect logic.