The documentation you are viewing is accurate for OroCommerce version 5.1 and below. An updated guide for version 6.0 will be available soon.

How to Change Media Breakpoints in Storefront 

To update media breakpoints, change the next breakpoints:

$breakpoint-desktop: 1366px;
$breakpoint-desktop-small: 1280px;
$breakpoint-tablet: $breakpoint-desktop-small - 1px;
$breakpoint-tablet-small: 992px !default;
$breakpoint-mobile-big: 767px !default;
$breakpoint-mobile-landscape: 640px;
$breakpoint-mobile: 414px;

To add, update media queries theme, a developer must create files with the your-theme/settings/global-settings.scss global-settings and update the list with custom breakpoints.

$custom-breakpoints: (
    'big-tablet': '(min-width: 1100px) and (max-width: 1299px)', //  add a new rule
    'desktop': '(min-width: 1440px)',                            // update an existing rule

$breakpoints: merge-breakpoints($breakpoints, $custom-breakpoints);

To disable a media query theme, a developer must set breakpoint to null

$custom-breakpoints: (
    'desktop': null // disable an existing rule

$breakpoints: merge-breakpoints($breakpoints, $custom-breakpoints);


You have to put this code into your own settings/global-settings.scss file as described in the CSS Files Structure article.