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How to Change Offsets in Storefront 

The offsets are based on predefined multipliers with a base offset of 16px. To get the offset you need, use the spacing($size); function. The default offsets for each multiplier are the following:

Operation | Result

spacing(‘base’) | 16px

spacing(‘xs’) | 4px

spacing(‘sm’) | 8px

spacing(‘xmd’) | 10px

spacing(‘lg’) | 24px

spacing(‘xl’) | 32px

spacing(‘xxl’) | 40px

spacing(‘xxxl’) | 48px

spacing(‘huge’) | 56px

spacing(‘massive’) | 64px

spacing(‘gigantic’) | 80px

spacing(‘enormous’) | 88px

spacing(‘colossal’) | 96px

spacing(‘immense’) | 120px

To change all offsets, simply assign any value you want to the $base-spacing variable.

$base-spacing: 12px !default

To update or add a specific multiplier, merge $spacing-multipliers with your $custom-spacing-multipliers.

@use 'sass:map';

$custom-spacing-multipliers: (
    xs: .1,  // update an existing rule
    vast: 3, // add a new value

$spacing-multipliers: map.merge($spacing-multipliers, $custom-spacing-multipliers);


You have to insert this code into your own styles.scss file as described in the CSS Files Structure article.