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WYSIWYG field type utilizes an editor that provides advanced editing capabilities. Any editor can be integrated with WYSIWYG fields, and the GrapesJS editor is integrated out of the box. An administrator can add a new WYSIWYG field to any entity available in Entity Management. Landing Page and Content Blocks entities use WYSIWYG for their content fields by default.


Each WYSIWYG field data is divided and stored in three separate pieces: HTML markup, CSS styles, JSON properties. In practice, the field with the content name is stored in three fields:

  • content - the main field (database column) to save the HTML markup of the content;
  • content_style - an additional field (database column) to save the CSS styles applied by the editor to the content;
  • content_properties - an additional field (database column) to save additional JSON metadata stored by the editor to properly initialize its UI.