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OroSyncBundle provides a WebSocket client oro_sync.websocket_client, which in its turn is based on Gos WebSocketClient component Gos\Component\WebSocketClient\Wamp\Client.

WebSocket client uses Sync authentication tickets mechanism, so you do not have to worry about authentication on the backend side. WebSocket client oro_sync.websocket_client uses anonymous Sync authentication tickets, so when you connect to the WebSocket server, it treats you as if you are anonymous.

Publish Messages

You can publish messages to channels using the publish() method of the WebSocket client, for example.

$websocketClient = $this->get('oro_sync.websocket_client');
$websocketClient->publish('oro/custom-channel', ['foo' => 'bar']);


It is strongly recommended to use connection checker oro_sync.client.connection_checker before trying to connect or publish to the WebSocket server, e.g.:

$websocketConnectionChecker = $this->get('oro_sync.client.connection_checker');
if ($websocketConnectionChecker->checkConnection()) {
    $websocketClient = $this->get('oro_sync.websocket_client');
    $websocketClient->publish('oro/custom-channel', ['foo' => 'bar']);