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User Email Origin Transport

OroImapBundle introduces a mailer transport with oro://user-email-origin DSN, responsible for sending email messages using user-defined SMTP settings (taken from Oro\Bundle\ImapBundle\Entity\UserEmailOrigin). The mailer is switched to this transport by Oro\Bundle\ImapBundle\EventListener\SetUserEmailOriginTransportListener when an email message contains the X-User-Email-Origin-Id header with the ID of the UserEmailOrigin entity.

Email messages from a user mailbox are sent using Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\Sender\EmailModelSender with specified UserEmailOrigin that makes the mailer switch to the user-email-origin transport.

OroImapBundle expects oro_user_email_origin transport to be defined in the framework.mailer.transports configuration section. The name of the user-email-origin transport can be changed via the oro_imap.user_email_origin_transport configuration option.


Transport with DSN oro://user-email-origin must not be used as the default one as it expects the header X-User-Email-Origin-Id to be always defined in the email message.