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OroMicrosoftSyncBundle enables integration with Microsoft 365 in the Oro applications via Microsoft Graph API.

The bundle allows to synchronize calendar events and tasks between the Oro application and Microsoft 365.

CLI Command to Check Sync Status

Use oro:microsoft-sync:status command to check the status of synchronizations with Microsoft 365. This command shows the list of all supported synchronizations, as well as the following information for each synchronization:

  • Resource Type - Synchronization type.
  • Enabled - Indicates whether the synchronization is enabled.
  • In Progress - Indicates whether the synchronization is currently running.
  • Last Sync At - The date and time when synchronization was last performed.
  • Next Sync At - The date and time when synchronization happens next.
php bin/console oro:microsoft-sync:status --current-organization=1 --current-user=1