You are browsing documentation for version 5.0 of OroCommerce, OroCRM, and OroPlatform, maintained until August 2024 and supported until March 2026. See version 5.1 (the latest LTS version) of the Oro documentation for information on latest features.

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Mediator Handlers

OroSyncBundle declares some mediator handlers.

Content Manager

Cache Management Handlers

Handler Name Method Description
pageCache:init contentManager.init Sets up content management component, sets the initial URL
pageCache:add contentManager.add Adds the current page to permanent cache
pageCache:get contentManager.get Fetches cache data for the URL, by default for the current URL
pageCache:remove contentManager.remove Clears cached data, by default for the current URL

State Management Handlers

:header: “Handler Name”,”Method”,”Description”
pageCache:state:save contentManager.saveState Saves the state of a page component in a cache
pageCache:state:fetch contentManager.fetchState Fetches the state of a page component from the cached page
pageCache:state:check contentManager.checkState Checks if the state’s GET parameter (pair key and hash) reflects the current URL

Helper Methods Handlers

Handler Name Method Description
currentUrl contentManager.currentUrl Returns the current URL (path + query)
compareUrl contentManager.compareUrl Retrieves the meaningful part of the path from the URL and compares it to the reference path (or to the current one if the last one is undefined)
changeUrl contentManager.changeUrl Changes the URL for the current page
changeUrlParam contentManager.changeUrlParam Updates the URL parameter for the current page

See orosync/js/content-manager module for details.