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CLI Commands (TranslationBundle)


The oro:translation:dump command dumps the translations used by JavaScript code into the predefined public resource files.

php bin/console oro:translation:dump

The --locale option can be used to dump translations only for the specified locales:

php bin/console oro:translation:dump --locale=<locale1> --locale=<locale2> --locale=<localeN>


The oro:translation:load command loads translations to the database.

php bin/console oro:translation:load

The --languages option can be used to limit the list of the loaded languages:

php bin/console oro:translation:load --languages=<language1> --languages=<language2> --languages=<languageN>

The --rebuild-cache option will trigger the translation cache rebuild after the translations are loaded:

php bin/console oro:translation:load --rebuild-cache


To rebuilds the translation cache, use the following commad:

php bin/console oro:translation:rebuild-cache


The oro:translation:update command downloads and installs a new version of translations for a specified language:

php bin/console oro:translation:update <language>

The --all option can be used to download and update translations for all installed languages:

php bin/console oro:translation:update --all

The command will print the list of all languages installed in the application if run without any options:

php bin/console oro:translation:update