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Sticky Panel View 

The sticky panel is used to display some elements when they leave the window view port. A sticky panel is always visible, so elements that can be moved to the panel are always visible, too.

How to Usage 

To be able to show an element on the sticky panel, add the data-sticky attribute to this element

<div id="flash-messages" class="notification" data-sticky></div>


Add a class to an element in the sticky panel

Add the toggleClass option to the data-sticky attribute:

<div id="flash-messages" class="notification"
     data-sticky='{"toggleClass": "notification--medium"}'>

Add an element placeholder to the sticky panel

Add a placeholder using the layout update:

- '@add':
    id: sticky_element_notification
    parentId: sticky_panel_content
    blockType: container

Add a placeholder template

{% block _sticky_element_notification_widget %}
    {% set attr = layout_attr_defaults(attr, {
        'id': 'sticky-element-notification'
    }) %}
    <div {{ block('block_attributes') }}></div>
{% endblock %}

Add the placeholderId option to the data-sticky attribute:

<div id="flash-messages" class="notification"
     data-sticky='{"placeholderId": "sticky-element-notification"}'>

Always show an element in the sticky panel

Move an element to the sticky panel using the layout update:

- '@move':
    id: notification
    parentId: sticky_element_notification

Several Sticky Panels 

To create a custom sticky panel on the page, do the following:

  • Import sticky panel to the layout and define the namespace for a new sticky block.

        id: sticky_panel
        root: page_container
        namespace: top
  • Each sticky panel should have its own name. You should define it with @setOption

- '@setOption':
    id: top_sticky_panel
    optionName: sticky_name
    optionValue: top-sticky-panel
  • The stick_to option should be set to one of the following values: top (by default), bottom. This value defines the position calculation algorithm.

- '@setOption':
    id: top_sticky_panel
    optionName: stick_to
 optionValue: bottom
  • When a new panel has been added to the page, customize the page elements that will use it. Add the data-sticky-target attribute with a sticky name.

<div id="flash-messages" class="notification" data-sticky-target="top-sticky-panel"
    data-sticky='{"placeholderId": "sticky-element-notification"}'>