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Workflow Action

Create Calendar Event Action

Class: Oro\Bundle\CalendarBundle\Workflow\Action\CreateCalendarEventAction

Alias: create_calendar_event

Description: Create calendar event with reminders


  • title - calendar event title (required);

  • description - calendar event description

  • initiator - User that initiate event (required);

  • guests - list of guests, array of object User;

  • start - DateTime start of event (required);

  • end - DateTime end of event (default +1 hour);

  • duration - event duration e.g. “30 minutes” or “1 hour” (default +1 hour)

  • attribute - attribute that will contain entity instance;

  • reminders - array of Reminders for CalendarEvent:

    • method - email|web_socket - see services with “oro_reminder.send_processor” tag and implement SendProcessorInterface
    • interval_number - number of interval units
    • interval_unit - interval unit, can be “M” - minutes, “H” - hours, “D” - days, “W” - weeks

Configuration Example

- '@create_calendar_event':
    title: 'Interview with Brenda'
    description: 'Interview on HR position'
    initiator: $currentUser
    guests: [$reviewer]
    start: $dateTime
    end: $dateTime
    attribute: $interview
        - method: email
          interval_number: 1
          interval_unit: H
        - method: web_socket
          interval_number: 10
          interval_unit: M