You are browsing documentation for version 5.1 of OroCommerce, supported until March 2026. Read the documentation for version 6.0 (the latest LTS version) to get up-to-date information.

See our Release Process documentation for more information on the currently supported and upcoming releases.

Design Customization 

Each brand has its own corporate identity, which allows you to stand out in the market and create an impression of yourself.

Begin customization of the OroCommerce Storefront theme interface to align it with your corporate identity.

We have compiled a Storefront Style Guide to facilitate the development of the OroCommerce theme design. This section of the documentation contains instructions on how to quickly and easily change the Storefront theme style.

Storefront Style Guide Structure 

Open a sketch file and navigate to the Layers panel on the left:

  • Elements & Controls - contains artboards with interface elements, color palette, and typography settings

  • Symbols - contains a list of symbols used in the interface

  • Pages - contains a list of all pages of the OroCommerce Storefront in the following resolutions: 375px, 768px, 1440px

The banner that announces to customize the OroCommerce storefront