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Configuration Reference 

Channel Type Definition 

Channel type - a type of the application/service to connect. Channel - an instance of the configured channel type with enabled connectors.

The responsibility of a channel is to split transport/connectors into groups by a third party application type. To define you own channel type, create a class that implements Oro\Bundle\IntegrationBundle\Provider\ChannelInterface and then register it as a service with the tag with a unique type key.

    class: Acme\Bundle\DemoBundle\Integration\PrestashopChannel
        - { name:, type: presta_shop }

The integration type can also bring an icon that will be shown in the type selector. For this purposes, the type class should implement Oro\Bundle\IntegrationBundle\Provider\IconAwareIntegrationInterface and method getIcon() should return a valid path to the image for Symfony assets helper.

Transport Definition 

The responsibility of transport is providing communication between the connector and the channel, it should perform read/write operations to the third party systems.

To define you own transport, create a class that implements Oro\Bundle\IntegrationBundle\Provider\TransportInterface and register it as a service with the oro_integration.transport tag that contains a unique type key and a channel_type key that shows what channel type it can be used for.


    class: Acme\Bundle\DemoBundle\Integration\PrestashopTransport
        - { name: oro_integration.transport, type: db, channel_type: presta_shop }

Connector Definition 

Channel connector is responsible for bringing data in and defining compatible channel types.

To define you own connector, create a class that implements Oro\Bundle\IntegrationBundle\Provider\ConnectorInterface and register it as a service with the oro_integration.connector tag that contains a type key (unique for the channel) and a channel_type key that shows what channel type it can be used for.


    class: Acme\Bundle\DemoBundle\Integration\PrestashopProductConnector
        - { name: oro_integration.connector, type: product, channel_type: presta_shop }