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Manage Accounts in the Back-Office


This section is part of the Customer Management topic that provides the general understanding of accounts, contacts, customers and customer hierarchy available in Oro applications.

Accounts originated in OroCRM as a tool to collect and process information on the customer activity of a person, group of people or business cooperating with you. An account can aggregate details of all the customer identities, providing a 360-degree view of the customer. Customer data and business transactions are displayed on the account page, and their activities are added to the account’s activity list.

Accounts display basic data for all customers and some additional data, such as orders, quotes, or opportunities related a particular customer. From the page of a selected account, you can view the calculated lifetime sales values metric based on orders placed by the customer linked to this account. Oro applications even let you merge several accounts, if, for instance, a company data audit has discovered several accounts created to represent the same business.

A sample of a commerce channel under the account menu

When a customer is created or edited in the back-office, an account can be specified directly. When a new customer is self-registering at storefront, a new account of the same name is created automatically.

An example of an account for Commerce customer

In case of installation of OroCRM over an existing OroCommerce instance, new accounts are automatically created for all existing customers.


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