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Available in OroCommerce

Translate Product Attribute Labels and Options

There are two ways to translate product attribute labels in OroCommerce:

  • By changing the source language to the target language for the label and then adding the label translation to the required attribute on its edit page.

  • By updating the attribute label translation directly on the Translations page.

You may find option 1 less time consuming and more straightforward. However, with option 2, you can search for any attribute labels or entity fields within a single Translations table.

Method 1

To translate a product attribute label from English into the required language, change the default language first:

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration > System Configuration > General Setup > Localization in the main menu.

  2. In the Localization Settings, select the required localization from the list to add to Enabled Localizations.

    Add another supported language to the application in the system configuration


    Make sure you have created the corresponding localization in the System > Localization > Localizations menu to make them available in the list.

  3. Click Save Settings.

  4. Navigate to your user configuration by clicking on your user name on the top right of the page and clicking My Configuration.

    User configuration menu
  5. Clear the Use Organization checkbox and set the localization that you have just added (e.g., German) as the default language for your application and for the UI system elements and content displayed in the back-office and in the storefront.

    Changing the default language on user level
  6. Click Save Settings.

Once the default language is changed, update the label for the required product attributes:

  1. Navigate to Products > Product Attributes in the main menu.

    Navigating to the product attributes menu
  2. Open the edit page of the required product attribute.

    Editing a product attribute from the grid
  3. Update the text for the label.

    The product attribute label translated once the application language on use level is updated


Keep in mind that if an attribute is of a select or multi-select type, you can provide a proper translation to its options directly from the attribute edit page.

Translating the attribute options to German
  1. Click Save and Close (or its version in your default language).

  2. Update the translation cache by clicking on the link in the pop-up dialog.

    Click on the link to update cache once the label is translated
  3. Once you are redirected to the translations page, click Update Cache (or its version in your default language) on the top right.

    Update translation cache

The product attribute label and it options are updated in the storefront.

Updated product attribute label in the storefront

Method 2

To translate a product attribute label from within the Translations grid, navigate to System > Localization > Translations in the main menu.

If the attribute has been created in a language other than English, use the following filters to narrow down the search and locate the attribute label key:

  • Languages — The language in which the attribute was created

  • Translated Value — [Attribute Name] or its part, e.g, demo_attribute

  • English Translation – Not available


    Please note that when an attribute is created under a non-English localization, the English translation is absent.

  • Key — oro.product.

    All product attribute labels start with oro.product. and include the name of the attribute (often with underscores). You are looking for the key that ends with a label. For example, oro.product.deutsch_demo_attribute.label

  • Domain — messages

    Filtered attributes

Once you locate the key, you can use it to translate the label into any selected language using the following filters:

  • Languages — All (or selected)

  • Key — [Your Key] e.g. oro.product.deutsch_demo_attribute.label

    Translating the filtered label

If the attribute has been created in English, use the following filters to narrow down the search and locate the attribute label key:

  • English Translation — [Attribute Name], e.g, english_demo_attribute

  • Language — English

    Locating the key for the label

Once you locate the key, you can use it to translate the label into any selected language using the Key filter:

  • Key — [Your Key] e.g. oro.product.english_demo_attribute.label

    Translating the label from English using the key filter