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Available in OroCommerce

Best Selling Products Report

The Best Selling Products report displays the statistics regarding the most popular and highly purchased products organized in a table which can be filtered by a specific period of time, SKU, name, etc.

To filter the output of a Best Selling Products report:

  1. Navigate to Report & Segments > Reports > Best Selling Products.

    Best Selling Products report
  2. Here, you can view:

    • The time period when the product was sold

    • The SKU name of the product

    • The name of the product

    • The quantity of the products being sold

  3. To configure a new report, click to display the configurable fields and filter them by the corresponding time and product.

    Configurable fields to filter the Best Selling Products report
  4. Once finished with the configuration, click Update at the same field to reload the page and display a new report with the requested information.

    Highlight the Update button that is used to reload the page
  5. Also, you can manage the columns of the report by clicking to the right and opening the Grid Settings to see the list of columns that organize the item details.

  6. To reorder the columns, click and hold the column name, then drag it to a new location. To show / hide a column, select / clear the Show check box next to it.