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Manage Leads

Leads Grid

The following actions can be performed for leads from the grid:

  • Delete

  • Edit

  • View

The actions that can be done to the leads from the All leads grid

Grid Views

Two grid views are available for leads: Open Leads and All Leads. Open leads grid view displays the list of all open leads, while all leads grid view displays all existing leads, including the ones that have been disqualified or converted to an opportunity and marked qualified.

Grid view options available for leads

Inline Editing

Inline editing within the grid can help you amend lead details without opening the edit lead form. To edit leads from the grid, double-click on the field or the edit icon in the field you wish to edit.

Inline editing of a last name Saving a new phone number after inline edit


Although multiple emails, phones and addresses can be added for leads, only one email, phone and address are displayed in the grid.

Lead View

The lead page contains all available information on the lead in the General Information section and the Activity section shows all activity for a lead that has taken place, such as phone calls placed or emails sent to the lead.

Sample lead view page

The following actions are available for a lead on the lead view page:

  • Share: Share a lead with contacts of your choice (available for the Enterprise edition).

    The sharing configuration settings
  • Disqualify action: Disqualify a lead.


    You can disqualify a lead in three ways:

    1. By clicking on red Disqualify button on the lead view page.

    2. By changing its status to Disqualified in the edit lead form.

    3. By changing its status to Disqualified from the grid.

  • Convert to Opportunity: Converting a lead to opportunity (i.e. and potential deal) qualifies the lead. You can find more information on opportunities in the opportunities topic.


    Once the lead is converted to an opportunity, it is marked Qualified and will no longer be visible in Open Leads grid.

  • Edit: Open the edit form for a lead and amend lead details.

  • Delete: Delete a lead from the system.

  • More Actions: Add Note, Send Email, Add Event, Log Call or Add Task.

    Lead more actions menu

You can also edit address details of a lead, as illustrated in the screenshot below:

Edit lead addresses

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