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Available in OroCommerce

Manage Promotions and Coupons in the Back-Office


This section is part of the Promotion Management topic that provides the general understanding of the promotions and coupons concept.

OroCommerce’s powerful promotions engine allows sellers to generate promotions, coupons and discounts for incentivizing customers to place new orders. In addition, promotions help drive traffic, increase conversions, and induce the desired customer activity.

This topic introduces you to the key concepts of loyalty programs in OroCommerce and illustrates how to:

  • Create promotions to enable sellers to apply various discounts for the order total, the shipping cost, the line items, or a certain quantity of items by providing the Buy X Get Y discount for the same items

  • Generate personalized discount coupons

  • Apply discounts via coupons (for salespeople, and for customers in the storefront)

  • Add special discounts to orders

  • Build a strategic schedule for promotions

  • Set visibility restrictions to target specific customers

  • Select the best discount strategy, as well as define the discount priority among other promotions applicable to the same product.

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