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Available in OroCommerce

Configure Product Data Export per Customer


This feature is available starting from OroCommerce v4.2.5. To check which application version you are running, see the system information.

You can control whether to allow registered customer users to export products, their prices, and price tiers into a .csv file from the storefront product collection and search results pages. You can configure these settings globally, per organization, website, customer group, and customer.


In addition to configuring product grid export on the above mentioned configuration levels, you can mark “simple” fields of a product as Exportable. You can also mark a price attribute as Enabled in Product Export. Exportable setting is available for all “simple” fields (scalar values and select/multi-select enums) of the product entity. Export is not allowed for relations, other complex fields (“WYSIWYG”, attachments, etc.) and entityfallback-type fields. Please note that product name is always included in the export.

Export product data from the storefront product collection page

To configure product data export settings per customer:

  1. Navigate to Customers > Customers in the main menu.
  2. For the necessary customer, hover over the More Options menu to the right of the necessary customer and click the Configuration icon to start editing the configuration.
Configuration settings for a customer
  1. Select Commerce > Products > Customer Settings in the menu to the left.
Product data export configuration options on customer level
  1. Enable the following options by clearing the Use Customer Group check box next to the required option:
    • Enable Product Grid Export — Enable this option to allow customers in the storefront to export selected product data. Once you enable this option and click Save Settings on the top right, options Include Product Prices and Include Price Tiers will be displayed.
    • Include Product Prices — Enable this option to add product prices to the exported product data file. Data will be displayed only for the primary unit, minimum quantity and the currency currently selected in the storefront.
    • Include Price Tiers — Enable this option to include price tiers to the exported product data file, if available. If product units have no price, they will be omitted in the exported file.
  2. Click Save Settings.