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Available in OroCRM

Opportunities by Status

The Opportunities by Status widget displays the breakdown of opportunities by status in a form of a bar chart.

A sample of the Opportunities by Status widget


For how to add widgets to the dashboard and manage them, see the relevant topics:

Opportunities by Status Widget Configuration

You can adjust the following settings for the opportunities by status widget:

  • Widget title — the name displayed on the dashboard. To change the name, clear the Use Default check box and provide a new name.

  • Business unit — select the business unit to present statistics for.

  • Role — select the user’s role (e.g. a sales manager, an administrator, a leads development rep, etc.) to see statistics for.

  • Owner — select the owner for the widget to see statistics for a certain user.

  • Date Range — the time for which the widget details are displayed.

  • Excluded Statuses — select what status the widget should not display (e.g. Closed Won).

  • Display data — choose which data to display on the chart. The count shows the number of opportunities in a particular status, and amount displays their total budget.

  • Territories — if sales territory are enabled in your system, you can view opportunities filtered within one or several specific territories.

Configuring the Opportunities by Status widget

You can select whether to display opportunities amount or count, as well as select the necessary data range, role, owner, etc.