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Available in OroCommerce

Configure Global SEO Settings


The SEO configuration is available starting from v4.2.11. To check which application version you are running, see the system information.

All products that do not have assigned prices contain Microdata markup with a product schema without price information. Some search crawlers (e.g., Google) consider these products invalid and can exclude them from the search index.

To prevent products without prices from being blocked by search crawlers, it is recommended to disable Microdata for such products. This can be done globally, per organization, and per website.

To configure the settings globally:

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration > Commerce > Guests > SEO.


For faster navigation between the configuration menu sections, use Quick Search.

  1. Select the Disable Product Microdata Without Prices checkbox. The option is disabled by default.

  2. Click Save Settings.

Global SEO settings configuration