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Checkout Start

There are several ways to initiate a checkout process in a storefront:

  • From a shopping list view page - via the start_from_shoppinglist workflow transition

  • From a quick order form - via the start_quickorder_checkout action group

  • From a quote view page - via the oro_sale_frontend_quote_accept_and_submit_to_order action

  • From an order view page - via the oro_checkout_frontend_start_from_order action

Each mentioned checkout method requires a different source entity to provide initial data and line items.

  • When started from a shopping list or a quick order form - \Oro\Bundle\ShoppingListBundle\Entity\ShoppingList

  • When started from a quote - \Oro\Bundle\SaleBundle\Entity\QuoteDemand

  • When started from an order - \Oro\Bundle\OrderBundle\Entity\Order

Checkout workflows fire the following events to check whether a checkout can be started:

  • extendable_condition.shopping_list_start - to check if a checkout can be started from a shopping list

  • extendable_condition.start_checkout - to check if a checkout can be started from another source

Out-of-the-box, \Oro\Bundle\CheckoutBundle\EventListener\ValidateCheckoutOnStartEventListener listens to both of these events and delegates validation to Symfony Validator with different validation group sequence that varies on the source entity used to start a checkout from:

  • Default - the default validation group

  • checkout_start%from_alias% - a variable validation group with placeholder %from_alias% that is automatically replaced by the entity alias of a source entity, i.e., checkout_start_from_shoppinglist, checkout_start_from_quote or checkout_start_from_order


\Oro\Bundle\CheckoutBundle\EventListener\ValidateCheckoutOnStartEventListener has the setValidationGroups method that allows to customize the validation groups applied during validation