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Shipping Context

ShippingContext is a model used for resolving available shipping methods and shipping prices. Shipping context is represented by the following classes:

  • \Oro\Bundle\ShippingBundle\Context\ShippingContext - the shipping context itself, contains data such as a shipping address, billing address, customer, customer user, website, shipping line items, etc. Implements \Oro\Bundle\ShippingBundle\Context\ShippingContextInterface.

  • \Oro\Bundle\ShippingBundle\Context\ShippingLineItem - a shipping line item, contains data such as a product, product unit, quantity, price, shipping kit item line items (if a product line item is a kit), etc.

  • \Oro\Bundle\ShippingBundle\Context\ShippingKitItemLineItem - a shipping kit item line item, contains data such as a product kit item, product, product unit, quantity, price, etc.

During the checkout, ShippingContext object is created by the \Oro\Bundle\CheckoutBundle\Factory\CheckoutShippingContextFactory, although it is recommended to use \Oro\Bundle\CheckoutBundle\Provider\CheckoutShippingContextProvider that utilizes memory caching to avoid unnecessary calls to the factory. ShippingLineItem in its turn is created by \Oro\Bundle\ShippingBundle\Context\LineItem\Factory\ShippingLineItemFromProductLineItemFactory. If a ShippingLineItem represents a product kit, then for its kit item line items ShippingKitItemLineItem objects are created by \Oro\Bundle\ShippingBundle\Context\LineItem\Factory\ShippingKitItemLineItemFromProductKitItemLineItemFactory.


ShippingLineItemFromProductLineItemFactory implements \Oro\Bundle\ShippingBundle\Context\LineItem\Factory\ShippingLineItemFromProductLineItemFactoryInterface and ShippingKitItemLineItemFromProductKitItemLineItemFactory - \Oro\Bundle\ShippingBundle\Context\LineItem\Factory\ShippingKitItemLineItemFromProductKitItemLineItemFactoryInterface

The main entry point where ShippingContext is used is \Oro\Bundle\ShippingBundle\Provider\ShippingPriceProvider that delegates further calls to shipping methods and shipping rules providers.

When it comes to resolving available shipping methods, ShippingContext is transformed into a complex array suitable for usage in a shipping rule expression by the converter \Oro\Bundle\ShippingBundle\Converter\Basic\ShippingContextToRulesValuesConverter.