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Set Up Mass Action in Datagrid 

How to set up datagrid mass actions in Management Console described in Mass Action Datagrid Extension article.

Let’s consider using mass delete of customer users in the storefront datagrid page. First, check that oro_datagrid_front_mass_action route is enabled for the frontend. In routing.yml, add the frontend: true option:

       frontend: true

In the corresponding grid configuration (datagrids.yml), specify the following options:

            label: Delete
            type: delete
            icon: trash
            entity_name: Oro\Bundle\CustomerBundle\Entity\CustomerUser
            name: delete
            frontend_type: delete-mass
            route: oro_datagrid_front_mass_action
            acl_resource:  oro_customer_frontend_customer_user_delete
            handler: oro_customer.datagrid.extension.mass_action.handler.delete

Next, add mass_actions section with params below:

  • delete specifies the type of mass action

  • entity_name, data_identifier describes the main entity and its identifier

  • frontend_type: delete-mass points to use a predefined action located in DataGridBundle/Extension/MassAction/Actions/Ajax/DeleteMassAction.php

  • route - a route used for mass action processing. In our case: oro_datagrid_front_mass_action

  • acl_resource - an ACL resource identifier

  • handler - a service, responsible for mass delete handling. For example, a logged user should not be allowed to delete themselves. For this case we extend DeleteMassActionHandler with our custom logic:

use Oro\Bundle\CustomerBundle\Entity\CustomerUser;
use Oro\Bundle\DataGridBundle\Extension\MassAction\DeleteMassActionHandler;

class CustomersDeleteActionHandler extends DeleteMassActionHandler
  * {@inheritdoc}
 protected function isDeleteAllowed($entity)
     /** @var CustomerUser $entity */
     if ($this->tokenAccessor->getUserId() === $entity->getId()) {
         return false;

     return parent::isDeleteAllowed($entity);

and register the service:

    class: Oro\Bundle\CustomerBundle\Datagrid\Extension\MassAction\CustomersDeleteActionHandler
    parent: oro_datagrid.extension.mass_action.handler.delete