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Sending an Email Created from an Email Template 

OroEmailBundle provides \Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\Sender\EmailTemplateSender as the main entry point to create and send an email based on an email template.

\Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\Sender\EmailTemplateSender uses \Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\Sender\EmailModelSender to send an email model created by \Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\Factory\EmailModelFromEmailTemplateFactory from the email template loaded by \Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\Provider\EmailTemplateProvider and rendered by \Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\Provider\EmailRenderer.


For more information, see :ref:` How to Render an Email Template <bundle-docs-platform-email-bundle-templates-rendering>`.


use Oro\Bundle\EmailBundle\Sender\EmailTemplateSender;
use Oro\Bundle\NotificationBundle\Model\NotificationSettings;
use Oro\Bundle\UserBundle\Entity\User;

class Sample
    private NotificationSettings $notificationSettings;

    private EmailTemplateSender $emailTemplateSender;

    private User $user;

    public function send(): void
        // ...

        $from = $this->notificationSettings->getSender();

        $emailUserEntity = $this->emailTemplateSender
            ->sendEmailTemplate($from, $this->user, 'invite_user', $templateParams);

        // ...